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Thy Memoirs Of Which I Cannot Remember.

Depressire Binnenin De Pijn En De Bloeding Van De Historishche Kots.

Matthew Vegas! - :Fashion.Bomb.Terrorist:
14 December
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Age: quarter-century +

Zodiac Sign: Sagitarious

Born the year of the: Snake

Height: 5"10'ish

Weight: 116-lbs.

Strength: my wrists are currently too limp to tell

Defence: shit-talking

Intelligence: stark raving brilliant

Favorite colour: phthalocyanine[blue or green]

Favorite drug: oh my!

Life philosophy: all beliefs are equally stupid...

Uh, I'm Vegas(Glitter faced uppity-cracka smokin' twizak with twizzlin' speakaz.)
I am a fashion/music elitist cunt.
Piss Off.

I spin vinyl and do it like a fucking civil-rights riot.

Vegas represents ~SPUN*SHINE~ (His label is "spun~shine recordings" at the moment(it's also his name for his 'Inner Circle' of the few trusted he loves/so if ever you print my name or mention it, online-or-offline, Please Be polite and atleast give my label/crew's name SPUN~SHINE a mention, Or place it beneath My name, OR, do this "Vegas(Spun*Shine Production's Top Whore-Promoter/DeeJay) or for photos just contact me personally."

hardcore for thad azz y0!

1980's, abandoned buildings, alice in chains, ambient, amphetamines, amplifier feedback, andy warhol, anime, aphex twin, art, artistic freedom, b-movies, bauhaus, big boots, bjork, boy george, brian eno, burn seattle burn!, castlevania, chemical injections, christian death, cigarettes, cities at night, coloring, composing, cultural detachment, d.i.y. fashion, david bowie, deadsy, death rock, delusions of grandeur, depeche mode, digable planets, dir en grey, disclosure, dr. gonzo, dream pop, drugged psychology, dxm, ebm, ecstacy, egoism, einsturzende neubauten, electronic music, electronica, elliott smith, experimental music, femininity, feminism, film making, foreign films, free expression, friedrich nietzsche, gabber, gary numan, hard trance, hate, human curiosity, human detachment, hunter s. thompson, idm, ifc, incense, indie films, industrial culture, industrial music, introversion, japan, jeckyl & hyde, jpop/jrock, junkie art, k-holes, ketamine, killing rock & roll, kraftwerk, l'arc~en~ciel, layne staley, lots of kissing, lou reed, love, lust, machine not human, malice mizer, múm, new wave, nick cave, night photography, nitrous oxide, noise and droning, not being broke, ohgr, ol' dirty bastard, opiates, orgy, painting, photography, poetry, psychdelic furs, raves, remixing, richard d. james, rozz williams, salvia, sci-fi, seattle, sex, sex gang children, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, sleep, speedcore, synthesizers, tape manipulation, the birthday party, the mission uk, thin white duke, timothy leary, velvet underground, vinyl clothing, walking the streets, william s. burroughs, xjapan, yummy boys, yummy girls, zelda